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Peeling an orange


Peel an orange with a knife if you want to avoid your fingernails to turn orange and to slightly detach from the nail bed.

Any knife can be used to peel an orange in three steps – no matter whether it is extra sharp or children-safe blunt.

First, around each pole of the orange lay out a circle. Detach the disks of orange peel by sliding under their edges with the knife.

Second, divide the peel band around the orange‘s equator into stripes and detach them one by one just as the disks.

Third, inspect the white hairy layer you uncovered from under the orange peel. Scrub and pull away as much of it as you want.

Three steps and you are done. For advanced peelers: make an art of peeling an orange! All over Southern Europe, regular practitioners of this strategy have adopted flirty choreographies of alternating between profoundly focusing on the orange’s texture, and lightly conducting the process on the side. Master the task as what it is: pure life style!

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