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Delicious creamy standard morning smoothie – suitable for vegans


A smoothie is supposed to be healthy AND delightful. That is easy to achieve. On top of it, the following recipe takes less than 5 min to prepare.


1 Banana

½ apple (around 100g, a sweet one with lots of acidity)

200g frozen blueberries

100g frozen fresh spinach

And put everything in a mixer. Mix and fill into a glass.


It fits perfect to spring and summer weather. Likewise, you can drink it during autumn and winter – when you are sitting in your warm apartment.

A common adjustment of the smoothie is adding only 50g spinach. Others may want add even more to get a real health buster.

For the vegans among you: if you add any standard vegan protein powder into the mixture, the taste does not change (except for hemp protein of course – that one always has a strong taste).

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