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Traditional chocolate-ginger flan

A flan is a creamy substance. And, to generate this creamy substance, you have to make two other creamy substances first, which are then mixed to become the flan. In other words:

Flan =

creamy substance C =

creamy subtance A + creamy substance B

In the case of this recipe, you need for the creamy substance A:

80g butter

35g sugar

3 egg yolks

80g grounded dark chocolate (baking quality)

2 tea spoon freshly grated ginger

40g grounded hazel nuts

40g grounded almonds

2cl rum

Leave the butter outside the fridge for a while until it becomes soft. Stir the butter creamy. While stirring add first slowly 40g sugar, and one by one the three egg yolks until the mixture become very creamy. Next, add the chocolate, ginger as well as the rum, hazel nuts and almonds to the mixture and stir creamy.

Now start preparing the creamy substance B consisting out of:

3 egg whites

35g sugar

Stir the egg whites stiff, and slowly add the sugar during this process.

Now, make creamy substance C by combining A+B:

Carefully, raise the egg white mass into the butter mass , and mix the two.

Fill the mass into small soufflé moulds (which had been coated with butter) and bake for 40 min at 160°C. When done baking, untether the soufflé from the mould using a pointy knife and pull the soufflé onto a plate.


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