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How to prepare spaghetti made out of green lentils…

Lentile spaghettiRecently, I discovered that you can buy spaghetti made of lentils in the shop. They are great cause they have less carbohydrates and more proteins than regular spaghetti.

In my local shop, they offered the flavors green, red and yellow spaghetti (supposedly made out of green, red or yellow lentils). I bought the flavor green, cause it had been some time since I ate green lentils.

The end of the story is that green lentil spaghetti do not taste as good as regular spaghetti once cooked. They taste rather flat. So, I guess an easy solution would be to drown them in salsa.

However, I discovered the trick how to make them tasty. Take some fresh garlic (I took 2 bulbs) cut it into thin disks and fry it in olive oil (alternatively you can take flavored sunflower oil). In the meanwhile cut a zucchini into small pieces and fry it in the pan together with the garlic. Once the garlic turned a little bit brown, stop heating and add the spaghetti.

The result has a smoky flavor and is yummy. In the picture above I added some fresh green bell pepper (to unsuccessfully try to improve the picture). You can add whichever vegetable sauce you want; it fits well to both red and white wine!

Green lentils spaghetti

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