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Simply Gazpacho – version 1

Gazpacho 2

Alright, any food blog needs a Gazpacho recipe. So here is our first one:

you need –

a mixer

2 medium sized tomatoes

2 red bell pepper

1 red onion

1 salad cucumber

the peel of half a lemon (ecologically grown)

1.5 dozen leaves of basil (play around with this amount)

an equal amount of thyme

a little bit sugar

a little bit salt

3 table spoons olive oil

So, mix all the ingredients in the mixer. As soon as it has the consistency of a soup, it is ready to eat. If you leave it in the fridge overnight, tastes will intensify.

Note, that is not a true Gazpacho recipe – strictly speaking, it is only a Gazpacho-like recipe. An authentic Gazpacho recipe will be posted soon šŸ™‚

In any case, do not that also for a Gazpacho or a Gazpocha-like the rule holds true: looks guide the taste… So, style your soup!


or alternatively:


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