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Bulgarian Milk Creme


It is time for another granny-style Bulgarian recipe. Be aware this one does not help to lose wait — BUT it is so delicious 😀

For this you need:

1 glass of water

6 glasses of milk

(I usually use 3 cups of whole milk and 1 cup of a cream/milk mix)

1 cup starch flower

3 spoons of rose water

(in fact the outermost Bulgarian ingredient ever)


And, if you want, sugar.

(I prefer using honey flavoured with vanilla – at least something healthy)

Mix the starch into the water. Meanwhile cook the milk. And, once the milk is boiling, pull it into the starch dilution. Mix it well and put it back in the cooking pot. Add as much sugar as wyou want and let it cook well. Take a glass bowl and wash it well with the rose water. Put the almonds on the bottom and sides of the glass bowl and pour the creme over it. Once it is cold pull it quickly onto a plate. Finished!


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