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Lemon-rucola sorbet

My local favourite ice-cream parlor has – among its many specialities – a sorbet mix called lemon-basil. Such a hit! So, when I red the following recipe – a sorbet mixture of lime/rucola – I HAD to try it as well. And, this sorbet is definetly mind-blowing with a high addictive potential.

You need to mix 200mL soda water with 200mL white wine, 100g sugar and 3 rucola leaves. Cook them until only 300mL liquid is left. Take out the rucola leaves. Once it cooled to room temperature add the juice of one lime.

This is not a vegan recipe. So, you need the egg white of 2 eggs. Stir them until they are stiff and add 25g of sugar. Keep on stirring untill you have a stiff and shinny mass.

Mix the stiff egg white below the sugar/lime sirup. Now, you can either let it freeze in a ice-cream-making device. If you do not have an ice-cream making device, put it into your freezer and take it out every 15 minutes to mix it.

Now cut the rucola leaves into very fine and small pieces. Mix under the sorbet. Voila!

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