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White cabbage salad – basic German recipe

There are many different kinds of cabbage and they are awesome foods; Besides being very healthy, they are easily turned into delicious and filling meals.

For example white cabbage. You can make all kinds of salad out of it that last very long in your fridge (and actually taste better if they are 1 day old). For a very basic recipe for a white cabbage salad, you need half a white cabbage (ca. 500g). Discard the outermost leaves and the stalk. Cut the cabbage into very thin stripes (there is no rule for how thin – whatever you prefer is best). Salt the cut cabbage with one tea spon of salt. Equally spread the salt by adding 2 soup spoons of water and knead the cabbage until it turns smooth.

Next, you need to cut a onion in very small pieces and disperse it into 1 soup spoon white vinegar acid and 2 soup spoons olive oil. Add lots of white pepper and mix well. Finally, mix the white cabbage with the onion sauce. Best, you then allow it to rest and soak in for two hours. Dinner is ready!

White cabbage

The picture was withdrawn from here. More about white cabbages you can find here. In the last link, they inform you that white cabbage can be stored up to three weeks in the fridge. You should keep it apart from apple and tomatoes as they produce a ripening gas that damages white cabbage. Also, cutting cabbage reduces its half life. Cover the cut parts with foil if you want to store the cabbage further. Finally, more fresh kraut recipes on this blog, you can find here and here.

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