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On the spotlight: “Manneken Pis” – the Dutch fast food chain that dares to be different

Maneken PisSo, a big part of traditional Dutch “cuisine” is fast food. Dutch love their french fries greasy and salty. You can find little shops offering fried stuff everywhere in Dutch urban areas. The density of fast food vendors is unmatched by any other food type shops  (e.g. bakeries, fish shops, green groceries etc).

Among the many vendors, one very special chain of french fries shops stands out: Manneken Pies. Despite offering very greasy and supposedly unhealthy stuff, they take pride in only using the best organic ingredients for their fast food ( In fact, they were awarded in 2013 as best french fries shops in the Netherlands.

Very special is their large focus on sauces, e.g. their infamous (yet delicious) hemp mayonaise. Hemp is a very healthy food ingredients – thus, the mayonaise most likely adds value to the french fries. The idea to develop such a mayonaise came natural to the vendor owners. Their Amsterdam shop is very close to coffee shop, thus, they were smelling hemp all day long. Why not make a mayonaise out of it? The hemp used for the mayonaise is of course a nutritional one without significant levels of THC. In other words, so far, going to the fast food stand does not substitute the coffee shop…

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