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The ice-cream “Bavarian Greetings” – a 100% vegan recipe ;)

Bavarian greetings

So, this recipe is very simple and has a surprising mix of ingredients. To serve two people you need about

200g bananas

(for a less intensive banana taste and a more intensive red colour, use only a 100g, or unripe banana)

5 soup spoons cassis juice

(don’t take sirup, the ice gets too sweet otherwise)


1 to 1.5 soup spoons nutritional yeast

(don’t take beer, the ice gets too liquid otherwise)

Put the banana in the freezer overnight. The next day, put the banana, casis juice, and yeast in a mixer and mix. Ice-cream is ready and can immediately be served. If you only use 100g banana, the ice cream must be stored 4 hours in the freezer prior to consuming.

Adjust the recipe as you wish (for example, if you want it sweet you may substitute casis juice by casis sirup). The picture shows the ice-cream with a peppermint and goji berry topping. If you want to store the ice-cream in the freezer for longer, my advice is to mix it with small cut fresh peppermint and store it as long as you wish. The fresh peppermint gives the  ice-cream an additional delicious touch! Enjoy!

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