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Eat luxurious caviar and save the sturgeon: Vivace Caviar!!

A former professor of mine, Dr. Angela Köhler, set up this company producing caviar without killing the sturgeon. They started business this summer and already got some press-attention. Well, I think it is still worth-wile to spread the word a little bit more. Check out their business at:

Her company is very distinct from any other aquaculture caviar production. As the sturgeon is not killed when retrieving the caviar, the acquaculture raised fish may be reintroduced into the wild, if one day this is necessary to replenish wild populations. For the consumer her method is a very luxurious experience. The older the sturgeon the bigger and tastier the fish eggs. In fact, when you buy a dose of caviar from vivace, it says on the packaging how often the sturgeon has already given eggs. After harvest eggs are treated with male semon extract in order to harden the eggs shell. Even though it is unusual for any caviar lover, it is very favourable for the taste and texture. And, last but not least, her aquaculture system is really a state of the art – antibiotics are mostly avoided and given only in cases of emergence – with appropriate measures to avoid them being adsorbed by humans (e.g. not harvesting treated fish).

So, finally there is one more person out there who is doing something really good. How did I personally react? When we ate this caviar for New Years’ dinner I complained: “Ouh, last year – when we ate Persian Caviar – the texture felt different. It was softer.” My Mom just replied drily: “Well, we cannot keep up eating something which threatens to extinct a whole species.” She was right. Plus, given the variety of natural caviar out there, there is no formal distinguishing characteristic between Köhler’s caviar and wild caviar. Her caviar is expensive (not more of course than ‘regular’ high-class caviar) but it is an unique chance of donating money to (let’s say) environmental protection, meanwhile having pure pleasure 🙂 🙂


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