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Zaatar Truffle

I love zaatar. It’s fantastic with labaneh yoghurt cheese and pita or laffa bread. I just never imagined that someone would combine it with chocolate. Yes, chocolate. An Israeli chocolatier, Ika Chocolate, just won a joint gold medal with a Danish participant at the International Chocolate Awards in London for their zaatar ganache. I am curious how that combination would taste. By the looks of sold out selection of all the chocolate on the site, it seems I’ll have to wait.


  1. Hi. Thanks for the tip. I am a bit rubbish when it comes to preparing some of the sweet stuff, but that is slowly improving. I agree about the thyme for the dark chocolate entry, but maybe it does work… Some experimenting is in order. 🙂 In any case, the descriptions remind me of something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


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