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Attention cows: Muufri is entering the market!

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Cow-free cow milk

At the moment, you still may not. It is a start-up (three cofounders) from University College Cork (Ireland) that want to bring artificial dairy milk on the market. Why? Because there are so many issues about current milk production: think about animal mistreatment, environmental concerns and human health threats concerning industrial production of cow milk. The good news is: cow milk is a simple product. It is composed of only 6 major proteins and 8 sugars. Muufri expressed these proteins in yeast and only had to tinker with their composition in order to gain the right flavour. Their product is supposedly healthier than normal cow milk; it has less of milk side products (hormones, cholosterol, too high lactose levels) that may be a health concern for humans. The company hopes to enter the market in three years: good luck with it!! And, we will stay tuned šŸ˜‰

If interested, visit their website at:


    • leckerfoodie says

      Thank you for correcting this and sorry for the misinformation. It is a fantastic work!


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