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Kaki Santa Claus – a Christmass season sorbet recipe (vegan-friendly)

Christmass kaki apple sorbetChristmas season started!! So, time to do all these recipes that fit Christmas!!! I’ll start by posting the recipe of a sweet desert (though it is a healthy one). Believe me – it has a fantastic taste! And, it is very easy to prepare.

For two bowls, mix one kaki persimmon and one apple (about 400g each) in a blender.

Since it is a vegan recipe, it has a chia pudding base. For this, you need to – 3 hours prior to preparing the recipe – mix 2 soup spoons of chia seeds into 150mL water. After 3 hours the liquid should have turned into a kind of gele. Just add the gele (including the seeds) into the blender together with the apple and the kaki.

Additionally, add 5 soup spoons of sugar and 50mL of fresh lime juice.

If you want to add 2 soup spoons of cinnamon. Attention: cinnamon is a stimulant and may trigger attacks in people with epilepsy. As my sister has it, I never add it into recipes but serve it later as a topping.

Mix all of these ingredients in the blender until it becomes an even liquid. Add the liquid into an ice-cream maker machine. Unfortunately, you need one. (In general, for only a few vegan ice bases – such as avocado, banana, and coconut milk – you do not need an ice-cream maker, for the rest you do).

Once the ice-cream maker is done (30 minutes for my machine), you can go ahead and serve it. As topping fits cinnamon (and some whipped cream). Enjoy! It has a very elegant and Christmas-style taste J

PS: For all of those, who do not have an ice-cream maker and want to eat it as a pudding. Add double the amount of chia pudding. And, under warmer conditions, you need to add more sweet (i.e. 10 soup spoons agave sirup) than for the ice-cream. You may want to consider warming it to 36 degrees then.

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