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Tennesee Honey (Whiskey)

Continuing with my alcohol themed posts as of late, I will review a bit of booze that some will consider blasphemous and others very tasty. The magic bottle is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey, which is in practice a whiskey liqueur. Generally speaking, I like whiskey neat, maybe with a little ice. I’m a little less in love with the flavored stuff. When I initially tried and tested the alcohol, I wasn’t thrilled with the bottle… With time though, it actually got better and I kind of liked it in the end as the taste slightly changed.

Generally speaking, this is a bit of mixed bag beverage. Most will either like it or hate it. The ladies tend to like it more than the gents, but to each their own. In any case, if you don’t like as much, you can always use it in mixed drinks for the holidays. Cheers.

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