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Start the new year with a cup of this asian-style almond, carrot, spinach soup

Almond carrot SpinachSo, it is still winter – even though this winter of 2014/2015 in Europe is a joke… Far too warm, where is the snow?

Still, given the lack of light and the ridiculously long persistance of my hangover from New Years Eve, I thought it would be a good moment to brighten up my days with some yummy food.

The soup I am presenting here is ideal for that: it is very tasty, has unusual tastes, it is filling and easy to prepare (a good choice if you have to cook for other people like I do at the moment). The combination of ingredients is rather unusual (at least for Western cuisine), so it’s a good change of daily routine.

For 6 people you need:

600g carrots

250g fresh spinach

150g almond flour

1 big vegetable onion

6 small shallots

1 lime

3 soup spoons coriander (you may take fresh one if you like)

3 soup spoons hot chillie

2 soup spoons salt (which ever variant you like)

0.5 vegetable bouillon cubes

olive oil

So, basically you peel the carrots and cut them into thin (not too thin) disks. Also, cut the onion and the shallots into small pieces and roast them in a cooking pot. If you use dried coriander as spice – add the coriander, the vegetable bouillon cube and the chillie ad this stage to the onions. In the meantime, juice the lime. Wash the spinach leves till it is cleared of dirt.

Once the onions are about to turn brownish (at least parts of them) add the carrots and fry for 3 more minutes while stirring the mix. Then add the spinach, and the lime juice. Cover the vegetable with water, so that it is just covered (rather little than too much). Add the almond flour and the salt and allow it to cook untill the carrots are medium soft. Voilá!

Believe me that soup really fills you up (you are perfectly prepared to go out in the cold afterwards – even though it is also good during summer nights in smaller portions). If you want, you can add some coconut milk to it – but be carefull, it becomes very heavy then…

Also, be aware that this soup is best eaten fresh and less adequate for being kept in the fridge. If you want to re-warm it for a second round, add some additional lime juice and chillie.

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