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Macaron or Luxemburgerli

Cont2014-09-17 18.49.33inuing with the ‘sandwich’ sweet trend, next is *drum roll please* the macaron. I was first introduced to the macaron (Swiss name Luxemburgerli) through my co-blogger, LeckerFoodie. The basic premise, two meringue biscuits and a cream filling. But that over simplifies these lovely bite-sized treats.

They are made egg whites, sugar and ground almonds (there are minor modifications depending on the recipe). The filling in between the biscuits can be buttercream, ganache or if you are feeling a little creative, whatever your heart desires (though traditionalists may not be thrilled with that).

The macaron’s origins are most probably French and are found in French speaking countries like France (obviously), Switzerland and Luxembourg. The confections that LeckerFoodie brought me were some posh Swiss ones with gold leaf along with other variations (not pictured in this post – these are a later purchase 😉 ). I personally love them and find them incredibly tasty. I know they are available in some countries outside of the European continent, and I highly recommend trying a bite or two (or more) of this colorful treat.


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