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Cactus Fruit: Enter the Dragon (Fruit)

Pitaya, or the Dragon Fruit, consists of a colorful selection of of cactus fruit original from Mexico, and was spread by European explorers to the rest of Latin America and Asia. Today it is grown in hotter climates outside of those regions including Haw2014-10-14 10.22.22aii, Cyprus and Australia.

It is a beautiful work of art from mother nature, with its color, shape and texture. It’s external color comes either in a reddish tone or a bright, sunny yellow. The internal coloration is can either be white with black seeds (found with the yellow and one type of the red variety) or a deep red/pink color with black seeds (only the red). The most common type people associate with the fruit is the red skin and white flesh.

It is also considered a super fruit, jam packed with vitamin C and antioxidants.

I was personally surprised with how delicate and mild the fruit was (This was with all its variations). I had work colleague say it tasted like a mild kiwi and apple combination. I personally found the variation with the red flesh to have the ‘strongest’ flavor.

It is very easy to peel and consume without even needing a knife. You can also scoop it out with a spoon.

I am not sure how common it is in your home country, but if it is accessible, give it a go as a breakfast or lunchtime treat.

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