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Japan Royce’ Chocolates

2014-03-02 09.24.19 I had opportunity a couple of years back to sample a high quality chocolate from Hokkaido based chocolatier, Royce’, when my boss came back from Japan. The chocolate is just amazing, smooth and melts in your mouth (as their description says). It’s something for special occasions, especially with its price tag when you try ordering it from overseas. 😀 But in all seriousness, it is one of the best chocolates I have ever consumed.

The packaging itself, like many things in Japan, are done with care and to appeal to the eyes as much as to your taste buds. It comes in simple, but tastefully designed box. Within the box is a tray with pre-cut pieces and a little spatula to separate and pull out the individual pieces. The chocolate should be kept refrigerated.

To be honest, it is hard to stop at one. 2014-03-02 09.24.33They make several types, including with and without liquor. The two I sampled were the Nama Chocolate [Mild Cacao] and the Nama Chocolate [Maccha]. Both were amazing, though the maccha/matcha chocolate is more of an acquired taste since it is a green tea chocolate (using white chocolate). Most of my colleagues loved the cacao one, other than my boss, I was the only one who enjoyed the matcha and fell in love with green tea sweets from Japan. One colleague said it had a bit of a fishy taste with the matcha, I thought it was a perfect balance of green tea and white chocolate, the right amount of sweetness and green tea flavor. I also thought the color was amazing considering it is the natural color of matcha.


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