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Great Balls of Fire(ball)!

Fireball is a whiskey liqueur with a heavy cinnamon flavor & kick that makes it a fun party drink from Canada. I got introduced to the product at a whiskey tasting event (if you couldn’t tell, I like whiskey).

You may have heard of this drink from internet rumors/reports about the safety of the product which have been greatly exaggerated. None-the-less, I leave it up the the reader to decide if they want to walk on the dark side. 😀

I am usually not a fan of cocktails and too sweet alcohol, but I found that I enjoyed it (though I still prefer regular whiskey). The way the barman served it at the time was to add a stick of cinnamon into the glass with the Fireball. It really heightened the cinnamon flavor and it makes it look cool. 😀 I personally recommend that with the drink instead of it just straight.

Of course, their site offers other interesting cocktail ideas for those who are into that.

I hopefully provided with some of you some ideas for the weekend. 😉


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