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Disgusting Shots

I believe in trying something new (and not illegal), even if you may not like the consequences. In this case it was alcohol tasting… I had the ‘pleasure’ of trying gin for the first time more recently. My sibling used to be a bar tender and provided the apt, though crass, renaming of gin & tonic to be piss & tonic. That experience was a first & last for myself. I tip my hat off to those who can consume that, as well as cheap vodka because both have a strong rubbing alcohol odor when served neat. This experience ranks up there with Jägermeister.

These guys have provided a top ten list of vile concoctions that people are brave or stupid enough to consume. Some of the names are just a turn off (Tapeworm anyone?). Good luck to those who continue to the full list here.

Which alcohol do you like the least?

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