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Turning sweet lupin flour into Ravioli


Finding the right filling for your ravioli recipe is definitely both an Art and a Science. There are so many factors one needs to pay tribute to – last but not least the duff of the ravioli needs to fit the taste of the filling…

Recently, I came up with a ravioli duff recipe containing sweet luipin flour. In itself the recipe is quite simple. For two people you need:

60g wheat flour

(plus some additional one for flattening the duff)

50g sweet lupin flour

30g soft small white beans

2 tea spoons carob seed flour

2 tea spoon salt

100mL water


2 soup spoons olive oil

First, in a cooking pot add the water and salt. Heat untill it cooks and add the sweet lupin flour. Cook the broth for 20 minutes (if some water evaporates that’s fine). Once the time is up, let it cool down to between room temperature or around 35°Celsius (not Fahrenheit ;P ). Add the wheat flour, carob flour, and the white beans (you need to purée them first). Keep stirring and kneading until everything is a homogenous mass. Leave it to rest for 20 minutes and then add the olive oil.

This is a very thick duff. It will remind you rather about German paste squares than Italian Pasta. So you need to flatten it (on some additional wheat flour) to a very thin final consistency using a rolling pin. Pick a glass with a diameter of your choice to cut out circles from the flattened duff. Now you can fill the circles carefully; since the duff is not very stretchable, leave the rims empty and close the ravioli by folding them and pressing the rims together. The filled and closed ravioli can be added into boiling water where they need to be cooked for 2 to 3 minutes.

Now comes the artsy part – what should you actually take as a filling. Well, I came up with the following. Eventhough sweet luipin is a rather neutral ingredient taste-wise and I have worked with it a bit already, I can still sense it in a recipe. Sweet lupin is a heavy and exotic legume, I am still just not totally used to. Nowadays, you still find little recipes on them (in fact, this blog is currently the richest source of luipin recipes on the net – see for example this), but I personally feel that they need rather elongated times of cooking or frying independent if you us use them in flour or whole bean form. So, when I tried out different fillings I had a strong preference for very classic ingredients. Plus, it needed to be salty. Thus, I chose for a filling:

Fresh spinach

Dried tomatoes




3 soup spoons of avocado

1 quarter of a cut white onion

1 tea spoon of peeled hemp seeds

First I fried the cut onion in a bit of olive oil in a pan till it became brown. Then I added everything into a mixer and shredded it into very small pieces. Per ravioli, I used 1.5 tea spoon as filling. For a sauce I by the way used fresh tomato juice with chilly. Given the filling I used and the consistency of the duffm this recipe is just a  perfect lunch for a relaxed autumn afternoon! However, all spices you use for this recipe, the amount of salt, the kind of filling and sauce – of course – depend on you. Experiment a bit around with this recipe and find out the nuance that best fits your taste (my Mom already has some alternative ideas to me). I am very curious to learn what you came up with, so, please, do discuss to discuss the recipe in the comments and feel free to present alternative versions! Cheerioh!

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