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Are you afraid of GMO food?

Especially when you are from Europe, there is a certain possibility that you are. After all, the EU possess far more strict laws banning the use of many GMO crop varieties. Now, here is the thing: GMO’s may not be as bad as you think explains Nathanael Johnson in his latest article. The reason herefore is not that there are per se no dangers associated with modern genetic engineering technologies. Rather the weak and misleading definition the term ‘genetically modified organism’ is based on prevents a common ground of understanding. Especially, if you have no background in Biology, this article provides a good start to understand the scientific and philosophical concepts concerning the matter. This does not – of course – necessarily mean that the public should accept whatever new crop breed product companies want to introduce to the market. However, it may help to improve the general intellectual quality of the debate.


GMO plants; GMO food; genetically modified

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