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Last call – get those bottles of champagne now!

What are you doing the morning of the 31st? Well, in case you are hosting a new years eve party – this is your last chance of getting some bottles of sparkling wine. Cause – guess what! – this year, just like the years before, new champagne cocktail fashions have appeared on the scene that are just too tempting to be ignored. After all, its always best to prepare several different types of those, cause experience taught me it is the safest way to keep the guests entertained and get them drunk quickly enough so that they don‘t ask for entertainment anymore. No, don‘t get me wrong, champagne cocktails are really an art and in no way a cheap road to eternal headache the next day.

This year‘s trendsetter for champagne cocktail recipes is ‚goodie mother‘ with a rosemary mix:


But it is always worth going back in time, i.e. to the year 2008, to seek additional inspiration from e.g. ‚Noble Pig‘ – all in orange:


In 2014, 2013, and 2012, our lives were enriched by diligent people that provided entire lists of champagne cocktail recopes:




Of course, you don‘t have to stay restricted to champagne – after all there are entire sites dedicated to prosecco as well:


Also, don‘t feel restricted by colour; blue, pink, turquoise, you name it – all can be done with sparkling wine:


Maybe, you want to focus on ceratain countries‘ sparkling wine varieties, such as cava or sekt. Experts may prefer this one, and vegans might tend to prefer those ones.

And, never worry that you may have bought too much champagne! HealthyEats gives you 6 alternatives – ranging from soup to cake – what you can use leftover champagne for.

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