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The reddest red

With only few hours remaining till THE new years eve party, it is time to get down with some fundamental thoughts on how to organize the first days following new years eve party. Luckily, this year, I am prepared. For christmass I had the delicious pleasure of enjoying traditional Polish red beet soup. You must know that a traditional Polish Christmass dinner has 12 courses. All of them are either vegetarian or feature fish.

And it all starts with a rubby beet root soup J What is the secret of this soup? In order to obtain this marvelous colour you first must pick the right kind of beet root – not the round ones but the tubular ones (they give more colour). Then you must prepare your own fresh, clear vegetable essence, by cooking three ingredients for 2 hours: carrots, parsley root, and celery root. Really cook/boil it. After 2 hours take the pot from the heat and add the cut down beet root (really small pieces), a cut acidic apple and 3 cut onions as well as salt and white wine vinegar. Now cover the pot and put it outside in the cold allowing it to rest for at least 12 hours. After enough time has passed remove all solid parts from the soup so that only the rubby liquid is left. Traditionally the soup is served by adding small pierogi filled with cepe to each plate. Best is, the rubby liquid can be stored up to a month. And, it helps to detox through the whole festive period. So, I saved some for the first of January…


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