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GMO, agriculture and the game changer CRISPR

The CRISPR/Cas-System was recognized as potential game changer only recently. Yet, already it leveraged biotechnology  into a truely relevant Science for many industry sectors. Obviously, it is of interest for pharma, and some companies started venturing into the technology. Less expected – it already started taking an impact on agriculture. In her entertaining and magnificently informed article Maywa Montenegro introduces you to recent examples of CRISPR-based gene editing concerning corn and pigs (!), as well as giving you an overview of the legal consequences of this technology (the picture actually stems from this article).


Focused genetic improvement of not only crops but also livestock seems to be a thing. The necessary technical know-how for this field is quickly establishing.

Given these developments,  it becomes time for any concious eater to READ about this technology. So, read Montenegro’s article! 🙂

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