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THE smart way of cooking spaghetti


Alright the pic above does not fit the text – but it’s just supersweet, so thank you ‘Herr-Teddy-goes-Rock!-Oder-Pop?‘. I discovered a life-changing trick today: how to cook noodles in an energy saving way. In fact, the recipe is much more than this – it saves soooooo much time!!!  You don’t need to carry a huge bowl of water over to your cooker and wait for ever till it finally cooks (meanwhile in the process adding too much salt). In short, just take a deep frying pan, add the noodles or spaghetti, and cover them with cold (the trick is cold) water. Then heat the pan (for me it is maximum heat) and wait till the water gets soaked up. Once almost completely (well I always get curious already at half way) soaked up, try whether the spaghetti are al dente. Finished!

Nice little background story – legend tells that originally some high school students developed this protocol for a ‘Science Fair’ in the wine growing areas of Germany  (here the link).


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