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The hair pick – a must have in every kitchen (once you’ve gone cutting onions that way, you will never go back)

Cutting and slicing isn’t easy. Of course, there are slicing boards (here is what I mean with slicing board by the way). But sometimes you do not need super thin slices and boards take up to much time.Thankefully, there is the super-lovely, life-hack youtube-channel ‘DaveHax‘ which brought to my attention, that all that I was ever missing in a kitchen is: A hairpick! Of course, you can also buy those as specially labeled ‘onion slicers‘ (again slicer for such a different kitchen item – why does the English language has to be so imprecise??). However, ‘DaveHax‘ explains to you, why a dedicated hair style product is a must go in the kitchen – besides onions you can do lots more with this ‘instrument’. And, believe me, you very quickly become accustomed to his method. It doesn’t stop here. On his channel, you can find sooo much more life hacks that make one’s days easier… So, enjoy his very British voice to be taught up on fundamental things. Believe me it IS each time a revelation (besides his 1st of April fools’ video – that was mean):




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