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Villa Ratatouille in Frankfurt


Frankfurt is definetly the labtop bag among the German towns: practical, condensed, and rather sporty than beautifull. Around every 10years, half of its population is substituted by new immigrants. That makes this town sometimes a bit anonymous, especially for all the expats, yuppies and other career-starters that moved into the city to find their luck.

You are not alone! A vibrant scene of local creatives is constantly trying to figure out how to entertain you! Especially, a vibrant culinary event scene offers quite pleasent distractions from daily routine. Check them out and mark everything you like in your calendar.

Among the prime targets any creative event maker has in Frankfurt is of course to hold an event in the area of the Frankfurt main train station. This infamous area is cursed by prostitution, organized crime, and drug addicts. Thus, it is a very ‘authentic’ place and has gained the attention of the local Hispter scene – leading to the opening of quite a number of Hipster bars in that area. The newest big thing: Villa Ratatouille. A bunch of gifted chefs rented an empty villa (see picture) in the main train station area and holds a pop up restaurant there for 2 weeks (starting this Thursday April the 14th) with all kinds of associated festive events – Enjoy!

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