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Vivace caviar is bancrupt


Some time ago I wrote about Vivace caviar, a company by a former professor of mine that tried to produce caviar in a fish-friendly way. They went bankrupt.  Apparently, the costs of the running production were too high per month, and the sales too low.

And, of  course, they earned tons of criticism for their bankruptcy. For example, other sturgeon farmers found the production conditions of vivace faulty – apparently, one could taste that in the resulting caviar eggs (which indeed tasted different). Moreover, harvesting eggs several times from a sturgeon is not a complete novelity – such practices are common already in Russia. Professor Köhler’s patent for hardening the eggs after harvest added only a little bit of extra improvement to the process. Moreover, they were very ambitious – potentially too ambitious – they wanted to start production with 5 tons caviar per year, even though they sold at higher prices than the rest of the market… In any case, the story is a bit more complicated than that of course, so read it up on the net if you want!


If you want to see a video of the vivace production site, go here by the way:

And, for a video of an alternative production site of caviar – AquaFuture – go here:



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