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Cacti Sales Pop Up


Love hurts. But we do love the little green in our kitchen and apartments. Some time ago, I wrote about some elaborate new indoor farming system that is conquering the world. Yet, let’s face it – most of us are damn lazy gardeners – not even speaking about farming. Thanks Good, there are plants out there that do not mind our unreliability: cacti! In fact, a cactus – a little green cactus – can be your best friend. Friendly, with some edgy shapes that scream out to the world: ‘I’ve got character’, it is there in your kitchen sparkling in all its green glory!

At Bitte Coffeehouse & süße griechische Kleinigkeiten in Berlin  you will find a place where cacti are very much appreciated. Knowing that – concerning cacti – all that is missing for someone to get one is the right stimulus, they are hosting this Saturday a Pop-up Store for cacti and suculents! In fact, they are advertising that this will be the place where you can really get the weirdest cacti with tons of character. You can go there enjoy their coffee, Greek specialities and other treats, meanwhile deciding in your head which cacti fits you. They are by the way hosting on a regular basis ‘retail adventures’ – so keep them in mind (always worth a visit). 😉


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