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Mangold quick mixed spring pan – (welcome late spring and be in trend with FAO’s international year of pulses)

Mangold wok

I am a lazy cook but I love mangold. Thanks God, I have a wok, so that is no dilemma for me. Given the current temperature change towards full blown spring, I so needed something really green, fresh and light. You know – a full blown veggie and beans mix Italian style. There is not much you can do wrong with such recipes; just get everything you have and put it together in one pot, i.e. wok. Moreover, with such a recipe you are currently absolutely en vogue and up to date. As you may know FAO announced the international year of pulses this year – so anything containing beans is in trend. They even gave out an official recipe list (it can be found here) – however, I think this recipe list absolutely offers room for improvement. For example, the recipe I am presenting here is not on the list…

Here is what I used:

Mangold and white beans

3 magolds

(see picture)

1 larger (but not too large) white onion.

1 garlic clove

4 tomatos

220 to 360 g big white beans

(the really big ones, soft from a storage glass)

50g Parmesan

2 tea spoons salt

So basically, add olive oil into your wok and heat to max heat. Start cutting the onion and the garlic and add it into the wok. Reduce heat to medium heat. Start washing and cutting the mangol and add it to the wok. Start washing and cutting the tomato. Each time you are done cutting one tomato, take a little break and stir the mangold-onion-garlic mixture in the wok. Add the tomatoes into the wok and stir a bit more. Add the salt. Stir. Open the glass of white beans and add it to the wok. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Start adding the parmesan. Once you are done adding the parmesan, raise the heat a little bit and under constant stirring leave the mix for 5 minutes. Then try if the mangold is ready (it should) and enjoy!

Yeah – mangold is one of my favourite veggies – always a complete joy!

The mix should be enough for 4 portions by the way.

Late spring in the garden

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