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500 years of German Beer Purity Law!


Tomorrow – the 23rd of April – is the official day of the German Beer! Why? Cause that is the day the German Purity Law was proclaimed, i.e. back the on the 23rd of April 1516. It says that German beer can only be brewed from hops, barley and water. Later yeast was added to this mix as well (back then they were not yet able to produce yeast). The German beer brewer association prouds itself that this is the oldest, still maintained food purity law in the world (is that correct? Comment, if not!). And tomorrow, it will have been in place for 500 years – yeah!

So, how is this date getting celebrated? Obviously, in Germany a lot. Every single beer brewery opens their doors to offer insight tours that day, hands out beers for free, offers ballon rides, etc. In Munich, for example, they are building a fountain of beer from which people can take drinks for free. For an overview of events – click here, here, herehere or here! (links are ordered according to decreasing level of usefullness)

But, how in the rest of the world? Not so much 😦 (Besides, the Swiss – they celebrate their official beer day on the 29th…)The official international Beer Day is somewhere in August (the 5th I think). So people, celebrate!



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