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Maydie – the wine

MaydieA little note of joy. There is a famous wine acclaimed by critics to be best served alongside a dark chocolate desert: Maydie.

Maydie comes from a beautiful place in Southern France: the French commune Madiran  in the department Hautes-Pyrénées – always worth a visit. The Château d’Aydie in Madiran which creates Maydie has been family owned for centuries. Some of their plants are more than 200 years old.  Besides Maydie, the family produces an entire buquete of wines made of tannat grapes. In other words, before I become too flat in my description, I really advise you to visit the place yourself and understand.

Tannat grapes are believed to give rise to the healthiest red wines (see for example the book “The Red Wine Diet” by Professor Roger Corder and learn how to live longer by drinking red wine).

Lots of information, lots of background legend eventhough I would just like to say a very simple thing: This wine really made my evening. It is a great pleasure and it will provide atmosphere to any social gathering just by its unusual character. And, it is a perfect wine to change to for desert – I never felt so healthy while eating chocolate (I guess). Funny how what we eat and what we drink can determine so much how we experience the moment. (argh, now this little note turned into kinda a love letter for maydie…)

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