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Still on the hunt for THE egg plant recipe – and having discovered other important things instead



Some time ago I wrote about a fantastic egg plant recipe. Well, I was promised to be soon provided with the recipe – it is from North Iran. There is a trick associated with it, cause best the egg plant is best prepared on a coal grill and the recipe needs to be adapted to electric kitchen ovens.

In the meantime, I would like to elaborate a bit more about preparing egg plant for a mouse. The basic recipe of it is similar to a fish sauce recipe I published 2 years ago. In short, you need to quarter an egg plant. Then leave it in the oven for 45 minutes at 200°C. By baking, all the bitter flavours of egg plant are neutralized. Quite simple

Once you are done backing peel and muse the egg plant by cutting it into a puree. Heat olive oil and add the egg plant together with cut garlic (one clove per agg plant) and turmeric (curcuma) as well as chillie and salt. Even this basic recipe will give you an amazing-tasting mouse. But this step is nevertheless decisive.


(Picture taken from Radio-Kreta)

In any case, I am now convinced that there is definetely more than one way of creating an amazing egg plant puree based on baking the egg plant first. Why am I convinced of this? Because I discovered BaWra’s – a vegan restaurant in Cologne. To advertise their yummy menu card on the web, they put videos on facebook how to make some of their recipes. For example, here they  show how to make egg plant puree out of baked vegies (if your browser doesn’t show you the video, access it from here):


SOOOOOOO yummy!!!

Finally, I would like change the tone of this post a bit. Egg plant is a big part of Iranian and Oriental (reaching as far East as India cuisine). This made some sad news a while ago. As Iran is under the constant economic burden of their political situation. This has very negative effects for it’s population – many of which need to save money even when comes to food. Green prophet reported a while back that this has led to many Iranians unwillingly turning vegetarian and substituting meat dishes by egg plant dishes. Similar trends can be observed in many other Middle Eastern countries (including Israel!). As much as I adore that creativity helps to confy poverty, it made me think a bit.

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