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‘Lost Eggs in Burgundy Sauce’


I found an old cooking book from 1938 from South Chile (even back then Germans lived in Chile – not like all the Nazi-associations everybody immediately gets). The little black, hand-written cooking book survived all this years. See picture!


In this book, there is one recipe, I have never seen before. And, I wonder where it comes from. Knowing the author, I can see that maybe she read it SOMEWHERE and found it extraordinary chiqué! Quite a thing. The chef in question was a Master in cutting veggies for a soup particularly small because it is elegant (and her soups tasted soooo good!!). She was a lady through and through – so, I guess this recipe is a kind of window in her origins. (I hope she doesn’t read this from heaven…).

Let me be clear – I haven’t tried the recipe so far. There is a simple reason: it is a recipe how to prepare eggs in a red wine sauce. Being modern German, I find red wine too luxurious to be wasted to eggs (if it had been at least white wine). But, Chile is agriculture-wise the land of plenty, so I guess it means nothing there to cook eggs in red wine as long as the outcome is delicious…

Looking at the recipe, I find it strange how it offers a combination of ingredients I find exotic from my modern perspective. On the other hand, the design of the book it was written in (as I said back then in 1938) looks perfectly modern to me…

So, if you have time, and would like to prepare your eggs in an utterly original way – here comes a little suggestion for you! Eggs in Burgundy sauce 🙂 (the recipe – as stated before – is called ‘Lost eggs in Burgundy sauce’).

The recipe translates like his to English:

‘Cook ½ liter of red wine with 2 small cut onions, several button mushrooms, parsley, laurel leaves, some black pepper corns, a litle bit of salt and 1 piece of sugar for a tight ½ hours.

Next, you pour the wine through a sieve and cook with it a brown butter flour‘ (I guess that means you have to fry the flour in butter in a pan prior to using it – but I am not sure) ‘untill it becomes a creamy sauce. Break quickly 10 eggs into boiling salt water. Leave them untill the egg white becomes hard while the yolk is not completely solid yet. Take them out with a skimmer. The lost eggs are then cut into dainty’ (English native speakers – is dainty the word I wanted to use?) ‘little pieces and are put onto roasted bread. Lastly, they are covered with the Burgundy sauce. This dish is a fantastic dinner.’

This recipe somehow sounds that it could be a thing – like very delicious and original in it’s taste. A bit, it makes me feel ashamed. I am such a child of modernity: I would NEVER make such an effort for eggs on bread or a dinner… Yet – this recipe I am gonna try at least once 😉

Having a second thought on the lost eggs recipe – is it just me, or do you also notice that everything green and healthy gets discarded in the recipe, i.e. only the fat and carbohydrates are enriched 😀 Well, that were those times back then…

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