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Poiera Dusty – an opportunity to spend an afternoon with friends


Recently, I described the liquor wine Maydie – quite an experience and a beautiful wine to be drunk alongside a dark chocolate desert. The chocolate artist Warren Laine-Naida now brought to my attention another wine – Poiera Dusty (see picture)- that excellently goes along with dark chocolate. If you think you see a mob on the wine’s label – you are right there is a mob on the wine’s label… Mobs and vaccuum cleaners are the distinction mark on all Poiera wine labels. The reason for this is simple: when the current wine-grower and owner – Jorge Moreira – bought Poiera, the slope was so dry that it reminded him of a dust desert. Since his first wine in 2001, this vineyard in the Dourotales region of Portugal has been critically acclaimed for their original and spirited wines. The wines are grown on a slope with northerly aspect by the way, i.e.tastes of Poiera wine tend to be more elegant compared to sun  bathed plants. And, this characteristic is preserved throughout the whole wine-making process:

“It is born in the dust and wind-borne dust, in the coarseness and austerity of the Douro. It is born from the elements and the vine. It is moulded by man because we believe that a wine should not end with an exclamation mark, but always leave questions to be answered …”

Warren spend an entire rainy Sunday afternoon based on drinking that wine (only one bottle) with friends and eating Mediterrenean foods (Hummus etc). A lovely time.

Before I forget – Warren is not only an artist but he also offers work-shops for making chocolate art for both kindergarden, schools and business people.


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