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Bitter and sweet – my favourite way of eating sweet potato fries – a quick recipe


With sweet potato fries, it is usually love on the first bite. Preparing them is a bit of an art though. Don’t get me wrong, in fact, it is pretty simple, you just cook or bake the potatoes for a short time, fry them in oil, and put some chillie powder above them. However, every now and then, you will encounter some restaurant or food vendor who figured the ultimate trick how to prepare sweet potato fries. The result is just genuine, heavenly sticks! Although your home-made version is pretty awesome, those are by some dimensions better than yours – a galactic phenomenon. At least this was my thought when I tried the Sweet Potato French Fries from a vendor in the spectacular ‘Arminushalle‘ in Berlin Moabit (always worth a visit!! – see pic).


My ambition is sparked – at some point I will figure out their recipe (eventhough the chef who sold me the fries said I should just enjoy – not all secrets are ment to be known). What I liked about their fries was that they were pretty dry and had a stiff consistence. In contrast, my fries are usually very soft but then also a lot sweeter than the fries I ate in Berlin. Interesting, how you can modulage this veggie just by changing the way you prepare it.

What comes along with my way of preparing sweet potato fries is also a particular choice what I combine them with. As I said, my way of preparing the fries (cook the whole sweet potato first for 20 minutes; then cut it into fries and fry them in rapseed oil on each side, add chillie powder after) turns them very sweet. So I like to balance the colour-wise and taste-wise with radicchio.



There are different types of radicchio (see pic) and for this recipe I prefer the one with the longitudinal leaves as it doesn’t turn as bitter as the round radicchio. The beauty of this veggie is that it is very tasty, very healthy, and it is rapidly prepared 🙂 So, if you don’t want to invest lots of times for dinner go for this recipe. Just cut the radicchio; salt it; fry it. Cut some parsley – add it to the radicchio. Cut some lime, add it to the radicchio. And add as well (if you wish) garlic, onions, and even almond flour! Once you started frying, within 15 minutes dinner is ready! Enjoy! – Quick recipes are just the best 😀




  1. In the Philippines, they add lots of brown sugar to the oil, then fry the sweet potato ( they call it camote ) . The brown sugar clings to the sweet potato and it makes the fried potato crispy.

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