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Green asparagus on tortilla look-alike – a quickie recipe that makes you look like a pro cooking wise

Fake green asparagus tortilla - a quick yummy recipe that makes you look like a pro

This is one of this recipes, you can eat directly from a pan! For it, you will need:

5 mid-sized potatoes

200g green asparagus

5 eggs

7 spring onions

olive oil

salt an pepper

The secret of this recipe is of course green asparagus. I love green asparagus 🙂 It looks great and it always makes YOU look like a gourmet and experienced chef! Plus, taste-wise it is my favourite kind of asparagus. First you need to cook the potatos for 20 minutes in salt water and then peel them (do you remember this easy peeling method). Next, you cut the potato into discs (see picture) and store them in the teflon pan you want to proceed further. Then, cut off the bottom one-third of the green asparagus. Where is the bottom one-third of green asparagus: try out where you an break up the asparagus (it varies in toughness along its length) and break it off where the soft part changes into the hard part. Discard the bottom part or store it for a veggie-soup (see pic). Cook the green asparagus in salt water for 3-5 minutes.

When you are done with the asparagus, spread 3 soup spoons of olive oil and a little salt over the potato discs into the teflon pan and heat the teflon pan up to maximum heat. Open the eggs into a bowl and mix egg white with yolk. Add pepper and salt. Cut 4 of the spring onions and poor them into the mix. Take half of the asparagus and cut it into small pieces. Keep the (beautifull) heads apart and add the rest into the bowl with eggs. Pour the egg-veggie mix over the potato in the teflon pan. Reduce the heat two third. Cut the three other spring onions and shortly before the egg stiffens spread half of them over the pan.  Once the egg is completely stiff, take it from the oven and arrange the rest of the asparagus and spring onion on it, as you like. Voilá!

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