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What is Cooking? Mascara!


I guess the perfect make-up is the one that makes a guy just want to eat your face – right 😀 This is an area we are a bit interested in – after all this blog is called LeckerBiss – yummy bite – so if there is a recipe out there how you can smear a strawberry pudding into your face and just look splendid, we would like to know it! As I said – Lecker-BITE (I would run around like that all the time if it ever becomes a thing).

Well, kinda you can. As all of you know there are all this make-up bloggers out there who just know how to create make-up at home from things you normally eat. The idea is simple: step into your kitchen and take healthy stuff – BUT now you turn them into make-up! After all this is a life-style, and the blogging scene is the earth it is growing on!

The lovely blog Naturelle offers tons of such recipes… In particular for lipstick (a comprehensive list of home-made lipsticks you can find also here by the way)… Very much in love I am also with all these mascara recipes out there. The pic above  stems from the blog ‘The picture of Mary’ – her recipe seems by far the simplest recipe out there – in fact she is sooo good that the guys behind diply copy-catted her recipe and turned it into a video (see below).

In any case, this new world makes me wondering – I am never 100% satisfied with all the make-up brands out there. So, theoretically I could just create my own make-up… However, the flaw in this thought is: I just don’t have time for it. After all one of the motivations behind this food blog was to improve my cooking and spend more time on that. In other words, I wanted to get life-STYLE  and not only focus on work and hectic social get-togethers and gatherings squeezed in between appointments and duties.

Luckily of course, blogging has turned into a kind of collective innovation machine. I am sure that some other bloggers (like ‘The picture of Mary’) will develop all kinds of optimized, quick make-up recipes, so that in some years, cooking my own make-up will be just as simple as brushing my teeth! No – it will take only as little as 5 minutes and give splendid results! I really believe in this! Constantly, I increase the number of blogs I am following cause there are sooo many smart daily heroes out there – blogs are the pages of the modern concept of a Life Style Magazine (ok, I stop here, it gets cheesy…). Maybee… Anyway – long story short: all this make-up recipes out there made me hungry for coconut ice-creamCoconut is kinda a frequent ingredient in many of these make-up recipes… It is of course still the best to just eat the strawberry cake 😉





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