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Red lentils pasta with a classical chillie-tomato sauce

First the obligatory spaghetti monster pic:

Red Lentils Pasta

Two years ago I wrote about a pasta brand that produces spirelli made of 100% lentils. Guess what – they come in different colours! Depending if they are made from green, yellow, red, brown, or black lentils, the pasta is accordingly green, yellow, red, brown, or black 🙂 Two years ago, I tried the green variety – made from green lentils. Now it was time for the red variety. To make it short – it’s a lot better than the green variety!! The green variety was very difficult to integrate into a dish – not so exciting. In contrast, the red variety is delicious! It tastes a bit different from normal pasta which is a plus; this means for example that you can use a sauce with minimum herbs with it and it still tastes very characterfull. So, let’s start you need:

250g of  red lentils pasta

(this is one package from the brand HOLO – see here)

3 mid-sized onions

1 red bell pepper

2 tea spoons hot dry chillie powder

400g soft tomatos

2 garlic cloves

fresh soft parsley

salt and olive oil


I cooked the pasta first. Basically, you need to boil water with salt in a big pot and then add the pasta. Let it cook for 6 minutes. Then discard the water and save the pasta.

Next, cut down the onions into mide-size pieces so to say (look here for what I mean with mid-sized pieces). Add them into a pre-heated plate with olive oil. Salt them with 1 teas spoon salt. Stirr onions with salt and leave them at 3/4 maximum heat for 2-3 minutes. In the meanwhile cut down the red bell pepper and add it to the onion. Stirr onion and bell pepper and leave it for 4 more minutes. Cut the garlic into tiny, tiny pieces. Then cut the tomato into pieces and use a blender to turn it into a sauce. Add the garlic to the onion/pepper mix, stirr, and leave it for 1 minute.Next, add the tomato sauce, salt it with 1 tea spoon salt, and leave it for 3 minutes. Sauce is ready!!

Now, you only need to cut down the parsley into smaller pieces – and then let everybody serve themselves with pasta-sauce-parsley as they are pleased. At least that’s what I did…. Enjoy!



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