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Summer kraut nut avocado salad


It‘s time to mix and match and celebrate plenty. For a laid back Sunday, I decided to prepare this meal-filling salad that basically contains EVERYTHING you need meanwhile having character! What, I mean you will see – just take a look on the ingredient list. Or take a look of the picture I took of the ingredients:


For 3 people you need:

1 rather small (but not too small – see pic) pointed cabbage

3 longitudonal flesh tomatos (if questions just take a look at the pic)

200g fresh peas (peel them yourself – see pic)

6 red spring onions

1 avocado

200g walnuts

100g hemp seeds

1 and ½ lemons

Hemp oil

Olive oil

Caraway powder

Salt & black pepper

Optional: 1 red carrot

So, cruel things first: I wanted to use the red carrot as a topping (to add last to the salad). But, I could not since a squirrel ate it. The essence of the story: don‘t store red carrots on your balcony or terrace. First the squirrel marked it with its teeth, i.e. bit a whole into the carrot. Then it stole the entire thing… Never mind.

Thus, I started with another ingredient. First, peel the fresh peas and cook them for 8 minutes in salt water. Take of the outer leave of the cabbage and cut it in spagheti stripes (see pictures below). Cut the walnuts in quarters (or grind them into larger pieces – I didn‘t do it). Cut the spring onions into disks and add them into the salad. Cut parts of their green, so that only half of their green is left for discarding (see picture). Cut the flesh tomato into disks and add them into the salad. Around now (if not already earlier) take the peas from the flame, discard the water (the foodies among you may want to save the water for a veggie soup) and add them into the salad. Cut the avocado into smaller pieces and add them as well.

Now prepare the sauce. Take two soup spoons of a good hemp oil (it really needs to be good – hemp oil is a delicate ingredients and if you don‘t find a good brand, substitute it with olice oil) and mix them with 3 soup spoons with olive oil. Add hemp seeds untill all liquid is soaked up (depending on your preferences you may like grounded hemp seeds or hemp seed flour more) – see picture for a closer explanation. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice. Mix oil, lemon juice and hemp seed – the hemp seed will function like an emulgator, so juice and oil will actually mix. Add pepper and salt according to your taste and one soup spoon of caraway powder. The caraway powder really is the secret of the recipe – it functions very well with the cabbage and gives the whole thing a special taste, so add it!!


Next, apply the sauce onto the salad and mix well. You now need to leave the salad to soak for 1-2 hours. This is important with freash cabbage salads, as the cabbage needs to soften and adapt the taste of the dressing. Once you feel like lunch or brunch just take out the salad and enjoy! It has a very interesting and different taste  – quite a change from daily routine. In other words, this recipe is a winner – I already had to provide it to everybody  who has tested it so far. I like it cause it is both fresh and filling. A truely yummy recipe!!! The squirel could not destroy me this 😛



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