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Medieval Hemp Soup Recipes

hemp seeds

I don’t know if you aware of it but hemp seeds in food are a pretty modern thing. I know that doesn’t fit the title of this post. But, yes they are! Only recently machinery was developed – the first sometime in the ’90s in Europe – that allows the non-laborious dehulling of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds have a very tough hull – not nice to eat (for a very nice overview of hemp economics and biology look at this recent book).

This may be one of the reasons – besides that hemp was primarily for producing cloth, i.e. was harvested when the seeds weren’t ripe yet – that hemp used to be food for the poor. Thus, all traditional hemp recipes out there are really down-to-earth recipes.

Don’t get me wrong. They ARE amazing!!! Despite being Medieval, they are even for modern standards pretty healthy… very healthy…

Now here is the thing, you hardly find Medieval hemp soup recipes – besides Siemieniotka – on the English web. Thanks God, I speak German as well (Latvian or Russian may have been even better – or what do the Canadian’s among my fellow readers think?), so I read the German-speaking web as well.

Here are my favourite sites:

1) MuReiMiCal

Offers 5 different traditional recipes of hemp adapted to modern ingredients, i.e. stuff you actually get in the shops nowadays. Besides four different soups – a sweet fruits-based soup, a sweet milk containing soup, a garden vegetable soup, and a hemp-almonds-pea soup – you get recipes for making hemp gnocchi and hemp hull cake

2) Lomion

Covers just one – but a very fine recipe about a Medieval hemp soup (well early modern times – 16th century) from Italy. Again, it is a hemp-almond-pea (100g hemp seeds per 50g almonds per 50g peas) mix but this time with rose-water.

3) Herbstzeit

Offers a simplified – supposedly more traditional or older version – of Siemieniotka. You just need 1 cup of hemp, 2 soup soons sorghum, a bit of salt and sugar.

Besides these recipes, I can also recommend this sites:

4) Wir Kochen (Austrian)

Mixes asparagus, potato and hemp in a soup

5) Kochen

A hemp-milk soup sweetened with honey and vanilla and topped by cherries – soooo goood!!!!


In the past, I have read other Medieval recipes covering things I would not eat anymore today (or which are too fancy – like this recipe from the beginning of the 20th century). However, hemp cuisine seemed to have always been a healthy deal and pretty modern in it’s taste standards… Hmmm, so the next step will be that I am cooking these veggie soups 😉

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