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The 5 best you-tube channels for making your children kick-ass food


Having children means getting soaked into a world full of trends and fashions the child-less adult has no idea about. Some of them are cool and make you feel alive, others can be annoying… Moreover, as much as you want to invest in your child and raise it in a responsible, inspired way, every now and then (when all your energy, wisdome, and ideas suddenly just leave you again) you feel tempered of allowing them to follow the most stupid trends and latest ‚in‘-things out there, i.e. to game the extra hour, spend to much money on some franchise items,  eat this unhealthy/useless candies now en vogue, and visit the bad influence idiot friend who is currently the opinion leader in the hood/school (the last comment was mean, but a friend of mine – mother of a 5 year old – really phrased it like this). Why ? – cause your kid wants to belong to the group and just enjoy bizzare things as they are fun.

There is away of reducing such moments! At least some other Mom‘s claim that – their solution: fun food. Apparently, when every now and then you serve your children some child-oriented food that is absolutely in trend now it will complain less that nobody is paying attention to her/his needs. AND, it may feel less needy to compensate this general lack of trendiness in his/her life… Hm… I am not sure whether this really works. But, I can offer you my top 5 of youtube channels by Mom‘s that present you the latest trends in kick-ass child food. So, watch, try-out, and find out yourself whether these recipes ease in some parenting for you. Maybe your child will grow tired of it, and YOU instead will be the addicted one…

Here is the list:

6) El canal de moda

Cause their lovely video reminds one, that in fact one LOVEs making cheesy food for your children – the figures they present in this video are sooo lovely – your children better like them!

5)  HooplaKidz Recipes

Food is not there to play with – but Hoopla makes it very difficult not to play with your food – it is just too much fun.

4) FoodFood

The world nowadays is globalized so it may be advisable to stay up to date with food trends from other cultural hemispheres. FoodFoodIndia gives you insight in one of the largest culinary tradition group on this planet

3) Eugenie Kitchen

The present stuff which is in a way almost too beautifull to be eaten – take a look on the non-sweet things as well

2) Maya Adam

The Stanford Prof teaches you what is healthy for you – and she always knows the newest insights from the fascinating intersect of health and yummy food. Face it, the younger generations are different. Even the average 9 year old is nowadays already very health-concious. So, this channel is a must!

1) Weelicious

In a way Kathrin McChord is the unchallenged queen of healthy, trendy, and chiqué recipes for the entire family. So, yes, her channel is a must!

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