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A song of lecker: Dilekerei


A little note on languages. When you jump from baker to bakery in German – which is Bäcker and Bäckerei respectively – you change from masculine to feminine. The guy who does it is a dude but the work he is doing is feminine. German is a bit more complicated so we do not say THE baker and THE bakery – we make it clear: there is a difference – DER Bäcker (male) and DIE Bäckerei (female). And, alike English, you can turn almost anything into a business: bakery, winery, grocery etc…

However, if you turn Lecker – like in LeckerBiss – into a noun, the adjective ‚tasty‘ becomes a noun for tasty things: Leckerein. The singular is feminine – die Leckerei – yet, not a work anymore but a thing. Most often by the way Leckerei is used for sweet things. And, yes Die Leckerei – that sounds a little bit like the Turkish name Dilek – a name for girls.

At least that‘s what Dilek thought – a girl from Berlin. So when the studied food-technologist opened up her own pastry shop in Berlin in 2013 she did not call it ‚Bäckerei‘ (bakery) or ‚Konditorei‘ (confectionery) – she simply named it ‚Dilekerei‘.

Since Dilekerei has opened the door, it definetely turned a place to be in Berlin. The integrated café is very lovely and we highly recomend visiting our name-relative.

If you are not in Berlin at the moment, enjoy this video showing how Dilek prepares a wedding cake! Cheerioh!

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  1. Dilek says

    Thank you for this lovely post Leckerbiss, we just read and shared it on our FB page! Your Blog is awesome and we are grateful to be mentioned.

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