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Medieval Hemp Soup Recipes

hemp seeds

I don’t know if you aware of it but hemp seeds in food are a pretty modern thing. I know that doesn’t fit the title of this post. But, yes they are! Only recently machinery was developed – the first sometime in the ’90s in Europe – that allows the non-laborious dehulling of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds have a very tough hull – not nice to eat (for a very nice overview of hemp economics and biology look at this recent book).

This may be one of the reasons – besides that hemp was primarily for producing cloth, i.e. was harvested when the seeds weren’t ripe yet – that hemp used to be food for the poor. Thus, all traditional hemp recipes out there are really down-to-earth recipes.

Don’t get me wrong. They ARE amazing!!! Despite being Medieval, they are even for modern standards pretty healthy… very healthy…

Now here is the thing, you hardly find Medieval hemp soup recipes – besides Siemieniotka – on the English web. Thanks God, I speak German as well (Latvian or Russian may have been even better – or what do the Canadian’s among my fellow readers think?), so I read the German-speaking web as well.

Here are my favourite sites:

1) MuReiMiCal

Offers 5 different traditional recipes of hemp adapted to modern ingredients, i.e. stuff you actually get in the shops nowadays. Besides four different soups – a sweet fruits-based soup, a sweet milk containing soup, a garden vegetable soup, and a hemp-almonds-pea soup – you get recipes for making hemp gnocchi and hemp hull cake

2) Lomion

Covers just one – but a very fine recipe about a Medieval hemp soup (well early modern times – 16th century) from Italy. Again, it is a hemp-almond-pea (100g hemp seeds per 50g almonds per 50g peas) mix but this time with rose-water.

3) Herbstzeit

Offers a simplified – supposedly more traditional or older version – of Siemieniotka. You just need 1 cup of hemp, 2 soup soons sorghum, a bit of salt and sugar.

Besides these recipes, I can also recommend this sites:

4) Wir Kochen (Austrian)

Mixes asparagus, potato and hemp in a soup

5) Kochen

A hemp-milk soup sweetened with honey and vanilla and topped by cherries – soooo goood!!!!


In the past, I have read other Medieval recipes covering things I would not eat anymore today (or which are too fancy – like this recipe from the beginning of the 20th century). However, hemp cuisine seemed to have always been a healthy deal and pretty modern in it’s taste standards… Hmmm, so the next step will be that I am cooking these veggie soups 😉


Well, beer ice-cream is a thing and you can find recipes all over the internet (this of course also includes beer-inspired recipes such as this one). A little ice cream company from Baltimore saw the unmet need and created wine ice cream – winecream. A perfect combination between sharing a bottle of wine with friends and eating ice cream together. Here is the background story:

Summer kraut nut avocado salad


It‘s time to mix and match and celebrate plenty. For a laid back Sunday, I decided to prepare this meal-filling salad that basically contains EVERYTHING you need meanwhile having character! What, I mean you will see – just take a look on the ingredient list. Or take a look of the picture I took of the ingredients:


For 3 people you need:

1 rather small (but not too small – see pic) pointed cabbage

3 longitudonal flesh tomatos (if questions just take a look at the pic)

200g fresh peas (peel them yourself – see pic)

6 red spring onions

1 avocado

200g walnuts

100g hemp seeds

1 and ½ lemons

Hemp oil

Olive oil

Caraway powder

Salt & black pepper

Optional: 1 red carrot

So, cruel things first: I wanted to use the red carrot as a topping (to add last to the salad). But, I could not since a squirrel ate it. The essence of the story: don‘t store red carrots on your balcony or terrace. First the squirrel marked it with its teeth, i.e. bit a whole into the carrot. Then it stole the entire thing… Never mind.

Thus, I started with another ingredient. First, peel the fresh peas and cook them for 8 minutes in salt water. Take of the outer leave of the cabbage and cut it in spagheti stripes (see pictures below). Cut the walnuts in quarters (or grind them into larger pieces – I didn‘t do it). Cut the spring onions into disks and add them into the salad. Cut parts of their green, so that only half of their green is left for discarding (see picture). Cut the flesh tomato into disks and add them into the salad. Around now (if not already earlier) take the peas from the flame, discard the water (the foodies among you may want to save the water for a veggie soup) and add them into the salad. Cut the avocado into smaller pieces and add them as well.

Now prepare the sauce. Take two soup spoons of a good hemp oil (it really needs to be good – hemp oil is a delicate ingredients and if you don‘t find a good brand, substitute it with olice oil) and mix them with 3 soup spoons with olive oil. Add hemp seeds untill all liquid is soaked up (depending on your preferences you may like grounded hemp seeds or hemp seed flour more) – see picture for a closer explanation. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice. Mix oil, lemon juice and hemp seed – the hemp seed will function like an emulgator, so juice and oil will actually mix. Add pepper and salt according to your taste and one soup spoon of caraway powder. The caraway powder really is the secret of the recipe – it functions very well with the cabbage and gives the whole thing a special taste, so add it!!


Next, apply the sauce onto the salad and mix well. You now need to leave the salad to soak for 1-2 hours. This is important with freash cabbage salads, as the cabbage needs to soften and adapt the taste of the dressing. Once you feel like lunch or brunch just take out the salad and enjoy! It has a very interesting and different taste  – quite a change from daily routine. In other words, this recipe is a winner – I already had to provide it to everybody  who has tested it so far. I like it cause it is both fresh and filling. A truely yummy recipe!!! The squirel could not destroy me this 😛


Red lentils pasta with a classical chillie-tomato sauce

First the obligatory spaghetti monster pic:

Red Lentils Pasta

Two years ago I wrote about a pasta brand that produces spirelli made of 100% lentils. Guess what – they come in different colours! Depending if they are made from green, yellow, red, brown, or black lentils, the pasta is accordingly green, yellow, red, brown, or black 🙂 Two years ago, I tried the green variety – made from green lentils. Now it was time for the red variety. To make it short – it’s a lot better than the green variety!! The green variety was very difficult to integrate into a dish – not so exciting. In contrast, the red variety is delicious! It tastes a bit different from normal pasta which is a plus; this means for example that you can use a sauce with minimum herbs with it and it still tastes very characterfull. So, let’s start you need:

250g of  red lentils pasta

(this is one package from the brand HOLO – see here)

3 mid-sized onions

1 red bell pepper

2 tea spoons hot dry chillie powder

400g soft tomatos

2 garlic cloves

fresh soft parsley

salt and olive oil


I cooked the pasta first. Basically, you need to boil water with salt in a big pot and then add the pasta. Let it cook for 6 minutes. Then discard the water and save the pasta.

Next, cut down the onions into mide-size pieces so to say (look here for what I mean with mid-sized pieces). Add them into a pre-heated plate with olive oil. Salt them with 1 teas spoon salt. Stirr onions with salt and leave them at 3/4 maximum heat for 2-3 minutes. In the meanwhile cut down the red bell pepper and add it to the onion. Stirr onion and bell pepper and leave it for 4 more minutes. Cut the garlic into tiny, tiny pieces. Then cut the tomato into pieces and use a blender to turn it into a sauce. Add the garlic to the onion/pepper mix, stirr, and leave it for 1 minute.Next, add the tomato sauce, salt it with 1 tea spoon salt, and leave it for 3 minutes. Sauce is ready!!

Now, you only need to cut down the parsley into smaller pieces – and then let everybody serve themselves with pasta-sauce-parsley as they are pleased. At least that’s what I did…. Enjoy!


Upflating your kitchen

malota wallpaper 4

Do you live in a tinnie-tiny apartment and get kinda claustrophobic some time? There is a solution: just draw the world you wanna live in on your wall. You don’t believe me that it works – just take a look on the picture and convince yourself that it DOES work. If you are not great in drawing – the artist in the picture is called Mar Hernandez and works at ‘Espacio Oculto Madrid‘ – an artist community that is always looking out to organize more happenings (maybe even decorating your kitchen – ask them!).

Mar, for example, is a big fan of the intitution of dining together. Check out here video below:

Speaking Vegan – a new youtube channel in town

speaking vegan

A friend of mine from Hamburg is a very passionate Vegan. A large part is owed to her being outraged by current practices in the meat-producing industries (and I think she is right about it – even though I am not living vegan 4 out of 7 days in the week). She is sooo big into Veganism – she explained to me some time ago – that she just cannot understand the Carnivore point of view anymore. Very happily she now shared this guy‘s perspective on the whole matter – I guess his video on understanding carnivors for Vegans was helpfull to her 😉 His youtube channel is only a month old but you can tell from the make-up that he mostlikely is becoming BIG – so watch out for him (is it a him or a team?). My favourite video so far was this educational background video he gave about vegan protein sources – interesting:

Green asparagus on tortilla look-alike – a quickie recipe that makes you look like a pro cooking wise

Fake green asparagus tortilla - a quick yummy recipe that makes you look like a pro

This is one of this recipes, you can eat directly from a pan! For it, you will need:

5 mid-sized potatoes

200g green asparagus

5 eggs

7 spring onions

olive oil

salt an pepper

The secret of this recipe is of course green asparagus. I love green asparagus 🙂 It looks great and it always makes YOU look like a gourmet and experienced chef! Plus, taste-wise it is my favourite kind of asparagus. First you need to cook the potatos for 20 minutes in salt water and then peel them (do you remember this easy peeling method). Next, you cut the potato into discs (see picture) and store them in the teflon pan you want to proceed further. Then, cut off the bottom one-third of the green asparagus. Where is the bottom one-third of green asparagus: try out where you an break up the asparagus (it varies in toughness along its length) and break it off where the soft part changes into the hard part. Discard the bottom part or store it for a veggie-soup (see pic). Cook the green asparagus in salt water for 3-5 minutes.

When you are done with the asparagus, spread 3 soup spoons of olive oil and a little salt over the potato discs into the teflon pan and heat the teflon pan up to maximum heat. Open the eggs into a bowl and mix egg white with yolk. Add pepper and salt. Cut 4 of the spring onions and poor them into the mix. Take half of the asparagus and cut it into small pieces. Keep the (beautifull) heads apart and add the rest into the bowl with eggs. Pour the egg-veggie mix over the potato in the teflon pan. Reduce the heat two third. Cut the three other spring onions and shortly before the egg stiffens spread half of them over the pan.  Once the egg is completely stiff, take it from the oven and arrange the rest of the asparagus and spring onion on it, as you like. Voilá!