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Maydie – the wine

A little note of joy. There is a famous wine acclaimed by critics to be best served alongside a dark chocolate desert: Maydie. Maydie comes from a beautiful place in Southern France: the French commune Madiran  in the department Hautes-Pyrénées – always worth a visit. The Château d’Aydie in Madiran which creates Maydie has been family owned for centuries. Some of their plants are more than 200 years old.  Besides Maydie, the family produces an entire buquete of wines made of tannat grapes. In other words, before I become too flat in my description, I really advise you to visit the place yourself and understand. Tannat grapes are believed to give rise to the healthiest red wines (see for example the book “The Red Wine Diet” by Professor Roger Corder and learn how to live longer by drinking red wine). Lots of information, lots of background legend eventhough I would just like to say a very simple thing: This wine really made my evening. It is a great pleasure and it will provide atmosphere to any social gathering just …

500 years of German Beer Purity Law!

Tomorrow – the 23rd of April – is the official day of the German Beer! Why? Cause that is the day the German Purity Law was proclaimed, i.e. back the on the 23rd of April 1516. It says that German beer can only be brewed from hops, barley and water. Later yeast was added to this mix as well (back then they were not yet able to produce yeast). The German beer brewer association prouds itself that this is the oldest, still maintained food purity law in the world (is that correct? Comment, if not!). And tomorrow, it will have been in place for 500 years – yeah! So, how is this date getting celebrated? Obviously, in Germany a lot. Every single beer brewery opens their doors to offer insight tours that day, hands out beers for free, offers ballon rides, etc. In Munich, for example, they are building a fountain of beer from which people can take drinks for free. For an overview of events – click here, here, here, here or here! (links are …

Faces – the little things in life

A friend of mine works in advertisement but his last name is Koch – which means ‘chef’ or ‘cooker’ in German. We talked some other time about LeckerBiss and he liked the site. In particular, cause he himself in his kitchen always encounters these little magical moments. In fact, he has collected a kind of food diary over the last years of little snapshots he took in his kitchen. For example, he has this little collection of faces. I thought them to be magnificent and worth sharing 🙂 Enjoy     +  

Just not Sriracha… :)

The world is full of copy cats. And, the better you are the more posers will try to be just as you are. For example, there is nothing like Sriracha Hot Sauce out there – the legendary chillie sauce brand that inspired a new beer flavour. However, sometimes when you go to the supermarket, you will find bottles of chillies that look just as Sriracha – with the little exception of the major image being different… Quite funny what alternative images people came up with… In any case, apparently, you cannot protect the Sriracha bottle as a trademark, so be carefull what you are buying cause the fakes really differ in taste from the original Sriracha 😦 Here comes a little gallery of Sriracha look-alikes found all over the globe from the US, to Israel, to Belgium, to Thailand:

Vivace caviar is bancrupt

Some time ago I wrote about Vivace caviar, a company by a former professor of mine that tried to produce caviar in a fish-friendly way. They went bankrupt.  Apparently, the costs of the running production were too high per month, and the sales too low. And, of  course, they earned tons of criticism for their bankruptcy. For example, other sturgeon farmers found the production conditions of vivace faulty – apparently, one could taste that in the resulting caviar eggs (which indeed tasted different). Moreover, harvesting eggs several times from a sturgeon is not a complete novelity – such practices are common already in Russia. Professor Köhler’s patent for hardening the eggs after harvest added only a little bit of extra improvement to the process. Moreover, they were very ambitious – potentially too ambitious – they wanted to start production with 5 tons caviar per year, even though they sold at higher prices than the rest of the market… In any case, the story is a bit more complicated than that of course, so read it …

Auswandererbier (emigrants’ beer) – perfection in taste and function!

The eccentric, edgy blog of Michael Risse brought this little pearl among the beers to our attention. True story – the beer called ’emigrant’s beer’ – was created in 1849 by a father for his son who needed to escape Germany to America due to political reasons.The loving and very skilled father created a beer that was uniquely suited for the long transport to America.  Intense hopping and a high alcohol content makes the beer very robust and long-time storeable. Mr Risse – an acknowledged gourmet and realist – describes the taste as “incredibly intense, especially accentuated, and impressive” beer. The brewery Faust (Brauerei Faust in Miltenberg) has remained in family ownership ever since and you can buy this for €  9,95 per bottle. Currently it is run by Johannes Faust by the way. So – nice little bit of history here 😉