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Disgusting Shots

I believe in trying something new (and not illegal), even if you may not like the consequences. In this case it was alcohol tasting… I had the ‘pleasure’ of trying gin for the first time more recently. My sibling used to be a bar tender and provided the apt, though crass, renaming of gin & tonic to be piss & tonic. That experience was a first & last for myself. I tip my hat off to those who can consume that, as well as cheap vodka because both have a strong rubbing alcohol odor when served neat. This experience ranks up there with Jägermeister. These guys have provided a top ten list of vile concoctions that people are brave or stupid enough to consume. Some of the names are just a turn off (Tapeworm anyone?). Good luck to those who continue to the full list here. Which alcohol do you like the least?

Whiskey’s Skeleton

For the chemists, biochemists & science lovers out there, there is a blog called ‘Compound Interest‘, created by a chemistry teacher in the UK named Andy Brunning. His focus is ‘creating graphics looking at the chemistry and chemical reactions we come across on a day-to-day basis.’ He posted an awesome infographic on whiskey that has been going viral. I highly recommend seeing his other entries.

Great Balls of Fire(ball)!

Fireball is a whiskey liqueur with a heavy cinnamon flavor & kick that makes it a fun party drink from Canada. I got introduced to the product at a whiskey tasting event (if you couldn’t tell, I like whiskey). You may have heard of this drink from internet rumors/reports about the safety of the product which have been greatly exaggerated. None-the-less, I leave it up the the reader to decide if they want to walk on the dark side. 😀 I am usually not a fan of cocktails and too sweet alcohol, but I found that I enjoyed it (though I still prefer regular whiskey). The way the barman served it at the time was to add a stick of cinnamon into the glass with the Fireball. It really heightened the cinnamon flavor and it makes it look cool. 😀 I personally recommend that with the drink instead of it just straight. Of course, their site offers other interesting cocktail ideas for those who are into that. I hopefully provided with some of you some …

Blow that cork off!

I feel like such an alcoholic with all these alcohol related posts recently. Leckerfoodie will be back at the beginning of next month to provide some recipes again beyond my liquid diet posts. And to those who haven’t noticed, yes there is more than one author on this blog. 😉 These guys present err… their own creative approach with how to open a bottle of Cristal champagne with a firearm. It would be interesting if they tried that for New Year’s… hopefully before consuming any alcohol prior to the shooting.

Tennesee Honey (Whiskey)

Continuing with my alcohol themed posts as of late, I will review a bit of booze that some will consider blasphemous and others very tasty. The magic bottle is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey, which is in practice a whiskey liqueur. Generally speaking, I like whiskey neat, maybe with a little ice. I’m a little less in love with the flavored stuff. When I initially tried and tested the alcohol, I wasn’t thrilled with the bottle… With time though, it actually got better and I kind of liked it in the end as the taste slightly changed. Generally speaking, this is a bit of mixed bag beverage. Most will either like it or hate it. The ladies tend to like it more than the gents, but to each their own. In any case, if you don’t like as much, you can always use it in mixed drinks for the holidays. Cheers.