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Last call – get those bottles of champagne now!

What are you doing the morning of the 31st? Well, in case you are hosting a new years eve party – this is your last chance of getting some bottles of sparkling wine. Cause – guess what! – this year, just like the years before, new champagne cocktail fashions have appeared on the scene that are just too tempting to be ignored. After all, its always best to prepare several different types of those, cause experience taught me it is the safest way to keep the guests entertained and get them drunk quickly enough so that they don‘t ask for entertainment anymore. No, don‘t get me wrong, champagne cocktails are really an art and in no way a cheap road to eternal headache the next day. This year‘s trendsetter for champagne cocktail recipes is ‚goodie mother‘ with a rosemary mix: But it is always worth going back in time, i.e. to the year 2008, to seek additional inspiration from e.g. ‚Noble Pig‘ – all in orange: In 2014, 2013, and 2012, our lives were enriched …

Disgusting Shots

I believe in trying something new (and not illegal), even if you may not like the consequences. In this case it was alcohol tasting… I had the ‘pleasure’ of trying gin for the first time more recently. My sibling used to be a bar tender and provided the apt, though crass, renaming of gin & tonic to be piss & tonic. That experience was a first & last for myself. I tip my hat off to those who can consume that, as well as cheap vodka because both have a strong rubbing alcohol odor when served neat. This experience ranks up there with Jägermeister. These guys have provided a top ten list of vile concoctions that people are brave or stupid enough to consume. Some of the names are just a turn off (Tapeworm anyone?). Good luck to those who continue to the full list here. Which alcohol do you like the least?

Whiskey’s Skeleton

For the chemists, biochemists & science lovers out there, there is a blog called ‘Compound Interest‘, created by a chemistry teacher in the UK named Andy Brunning. His focus is ‘creating graphics looking at the chemistry and chemical reactions we come across on a day-to-day basis.’ He posted an awesome infographic on whiskey that has been going viral. I highly recommend seeing his other entries.

The Last Seltzer Bottler in Brooklyn

There is a fascinating sample of the a documentary on the last old fashioned seltzer bottler in Brooklyn. In the early 1900s thousands of seltzer deliverymen criss-crossed the nation, schlepping heavy glass bottles full of fizzy water to millions of thirsty customers. Today, with only a handful of deliverymen left in the country, the siphon machines at Gomberg Seltzer Works don’t turn like they used to. Most of the old customers have passed on (or moved to Florida). But there are still bubbles being made by third-generation seltzer filler Kenny Gomberg. In Jessica Edwards’ short documentary film SELTZER WORKS, the last bottler in Brooklyn fends off the supermarket seltzer take-over and honors this simple drink’s place in history. A little sample below:

Great Balls of Fire(ball)!

Fireball is a whiskey liqueur with a heavy cinnamon flavor & kick that makes it a fun party drink from Canada. I got introduced to the product at a whiskey tasting event (if you couldn’t tell, I like whiskey). You may have heard of this drink from internet rumors/reports about the safety of the product which have been greatly exaggerated. None-the-less, I leave it up the the reader to decide if they want to walk on the dark side. 😀 I am usually not a fan of cocktails and too sweet alcohol, but I found that I enjoyed it (though I still prefer regular whiskey). The way the barman served it at the time was to add a stick of cinnamon into the glass with the Fireball. It really heightened the cinnamon flavor and it makes it look cool. 😀 I personally recommend that with the drink instead of it just straight. Of course, their site offers other interesting cocktail ideas for those who are into that. I hopefully provided with some of you some …

Matcha Once Again

Hi everyone, Sorry for the long absence. Life took over and I had to handle somethings. I have been wanting to cover this since posting on the sweet stuff a little while back. If you couldn’t tell, I love matcha/maccha. The tea itself is the best quality you can get with with antioxidants and flavor in comparison to the what you get from leaves or tea bags. The better quality maccha has an almost artificial bright green color to it. It is slightly bitter to the taste, but in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, I’ve been told they usually serve something sweet with it to counteract the bitterness. Maccha power is widely used in various products in Japan including the chocolates I’ve mentioned in previous posts, cakes, ice cream and more. A beverage that is popular in Japan is a maccha latte, which in a nutshell is the maccha powder, some type of milk (bovine, soy, almond, etc.) and something sweet added to it (sugar, honey, etc.). That beverage is so popular you can get ready made packets …