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GMO, agriculture and the game changer CRISPR

The CRISPR/Cas-System was recognized as potential game changer only recently. Yet, already it leveraged biotechnology  into a truely relevant Science for many industry sectors. Obviously, it is of interest for pharma, and some companies started venturing into the technology. Less expected – it already started taking an impact on agriculture. In her entertaining and magnificently informed article Maywa Montenegro introduces you to recent examples of CRISPR-based gene editing concerning corn and pigs (!), as well as giving you an overview of the legal consequences of this technology (the picture actually stems from this article). Focused genetic improvement of not only crops but also livestock seems to be a thing. The necessary technical know-how for this field is quickly establishing. Given these developments,  it becomes time for any concious eater to READ about this technology. So, read Montenegro’s article! 🙂

I feel like I’m getting fat just looking at the picture…

Doughnuts are sugary calorie bombs that are ridiculously tasty, whether it is snack or breakfast. Cinnamon rolls are also a lovely sticky treat that is on par with doughnuts. So, what if you want both – AT THE SAME TIME! Well, someone has thought about you. Chef Thiago Silva created this artery clogging horror for your family practitioner or a little piece of heaven, depending on your point of view. You can check out more images on his Instagram account or view the link below within the caption to the Nerdist page. Please excuse me while I go run a marathon.

The Best Food Porn 2015

With a day and some hours remaining till the new year, it is time to waste some minutes on things that really don‘t matter before focusing on the important issues in life again; let‘s talk about food porn! In contrast to general photography, no official gremium(/-a) exist(s) that elect the most relevant shots of the last year (if you are interested in general photography awards, look for example here, here, and here). However, the food porn movement is starting to get there. Last year, the Berlin food week in end of September/ beginning of October picked ‚food porn‘ for the first time as its theme. A date you should mark in your calendar for 2016, as it is gonna be repeated! As part of the fair, the best food porn photographs get awarded. Among the winners was – as reported by EyeEm – ‚yinyin‘ with his picture of grilling fish: Also,  also this contribution by ‚urban poetry‘ made it among the top selection: Now, of course, determining the best food porn is tricky , as …

Are you afraid of GMO food?

Especially when you are from Europe, there is a certain possibility that you are. After all, the EU possess far more strict laws banning the use of many GMO crop varieties. Now, here is the thing: GMO’s may not be as bad as you think explains Nathanael Johnson in his latest article. The reason herefore is not that there are per se no dangers associated with modern genetic engineering technologies. Rather the weak and misleading definition the term ‘genetically modified organism’ is based on prevents a common ground of understanding. Especially, if you have no background in Biology, this article provides a good start to understand the scientific and philosophical concepts concerning the matter. This does not – of course – necessarily mean that the public should accept whatever new crop breed product companies want to introduce to the market. However, it may help to improve the general intellectual quality of the debate.

Your food measured in sugar cubes

This tastes so sweet – but how sweet? The guys behind the ‘sugar delirium‘-blog created a comprehensive way, that one can easily grasp the sugar content of common foods. On they provide pictures of common foods alongside their sugar content counted in the number of sugar cubes. Impressive is how much you eat in a single thanksgiving dinner (see picture). So how much sugar is healthy per day? It is a question hard to answer. On average, an intake of about 30g or 7 cubes of sugar is recommended in the case of free sugar – however, intake of complex sugars bound in some form of whole grain may exceed these measures. Also, the recommended amount varies for different types of sugars, e.g. glucose or fructose. And, recommendations seem to need to be adapted to distinct populations and individuals. Sugar delirium regularly discusses the frontiers of scientific findings regarding sugar intake recommendations. In the meantime, their sugar cube project gives intriguing insights. Have a look on their fruits collection for example. Fruits are often …

Whiskey’s Skeleton

For the chemists, biochemists & science lovers out there, there is a blog called ‘Compound Interest‘, created by a chemistry teacher in the UK named Andy Brunning. His focus is ‘creating graphics looking at the chemistry and chemical reactions we come across on a day-to-day basis.’ He posted an awesome infographic on whiskey that has been going viral. I highly recommend seeing his other entries.